Five months after the first case of covid-19, the situation in Indonesia aren’t getting any better. While the government are not taking the pandemic seriously, lot of people are believing in conspiracy theories. These theories are amplified by celebrities cum influencers in a huge manner.

From what I hear and read, these people who believe that the coronavirus are part of conspiracy never seen the real victim of coronavirus first hand from their relatives. Then the disbelieving continue to ignorance, even when they are meeting the real victim, or when they are the victim.

I tried to visualize the percentage of the case by the total population of Indonesia, and some of selected province, to see how often people are meeting or seeing each other, and how high the probability of some people to encounter the victim of coronavirus. Because of the coronavirus itself are invisible to naked eyes, and the preliminary symptoms are similar to other common illness, many people take it lightly.

Despite the low testing number per million in Indonesia, the percentage of the victim are really small compared to the total population. Yet, people forgot that this virus aren’t only infecting directly, but indirectly.