The brink of the viral pandemic of Covid-19 started in Wuhan, China, December 2019. This novel virus can causes symptoms similar to influenza, such as cough and sneezing. The worst symptoms cause by this virus are pneumonia and can lead to mortality. The victims number grow exponential daily, mainly in China, but also in other Asian countries.

Many Asian country leaders try their best to contain the virus. Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea are taking decisions in a blink. While the other started to act, yet the victims were still little in numbers, Indonesian government denied any cases.

These projects are inspired by Reuters Graphics report about the South Korean Covid-19 victims biggest cluster. The graphic report was static but clear, yet it is responsive up to 5 screen size. So they have to produce 5 type of infographics for each screen size, either by coding, or just pure graphic design. So I made this simple web responsive infographic, based on 2 articles that have been made before, here and here.

The standard infographics I made was 9:16, either viewed on mobile or desktop. So I remade the same infographic into 5 screen size based on the Reuters Graphics used. For the latter infographic, about the government officials response, I use the AOS (Animate on Scroll) by Michał Sajnóg,and of course with a responsive layout for each screen size.